1. Introduction

Instructions and measures applied in order to carry out the Event in accordance with the current rules included in anti-COVID protocols.

The spread of COVID-19 and the need to carry out measures in order to contain its effects, has resulted in a significant re-organization of the EGS Residents’ Course by implementing rules in order to avoid gatherings which could be the cause of high risk of infection.

First of all, the Organization has decided to opt for the best available technology for virtual conferences which allows speakers and audience to interact from their locations. Furthermore, EGS Residents’ Course will turn to a “hybrid” system thanks to which some speakers will be on site and others remotely connected. The audience will be both on site and remotely connected and the interaction between on site and virtual will be guaranteed.

This choice will result in a decrease of on-site participants in Hotel SANA Metropolitan venue in order to ensure social distancing.

In the meeting rooms, ventilation is foreseen at the end of each session; instead for sanitation of meeting rooms and common areas, rules will be applied according to Health Authorities with products and frequency to be communicated to those in charge of cleaning.

Despite the foreseen reduction of the overall congress area as well as the number of participants, the personnel in charge of security will monitor the flows and measures to be carried out.

2. Measures To Prevent Covid Specific For Participants

  • Participants are invited to pre-register on the online portal because each participant will access only by showing the QR code certifying the registration. All accesses will be tracked in order to keep the full list for at least 14 days.
  • On-site registration is strongly discouraged in order to avoid queues or gatherings at the Organizing secretariat desks and also to allow the Organization to manage at best the accesses according to the number of participants who already registered.
  • On site distribution of materials is reduced as much as possible. Participants will find lanyards, badge and congress kit already on their seat in the plenary room. Seats will be pre assigned.
  • The event program and any other useful information for participants will be available on the APP that can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.
  • Each access will be also an anti-COVID check point where staff will check if participants wear their compulsory PPE. Each participant will thus wear their mask.
    The Organizing Secretariat will place in each area of the congress venue one or more automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and participants will be strongly encouraged to use them.
  • In the meeting rooms the seats at disposal for the audience will be reduced according to the current rules for social distancing. It is not possible to reserve the seats, as they will already be pre assigned.
  • Access to the Social Dinner is by invitation so the staff will check the lists of the invited delegates. All delegates are requested to reconfirm their participation on site. In the congress area there will be also a catering area and an exhibition area where social distancing should be always maintained according to anti-COVID protocol.

Measures To Prevent Covid Specific For Speakers And Moderators

Management Of Microphones In The Meeting Room
In order to avoid the use of the same microphone without sanitizing it:

  • use of mic clip just for one speaker
  • use of headset mic just for one speaker
  • set of hand microphones for those who should speak during the same session
  • set of mic stands in order to guarantee that the microphone is not held in speakers’ hands
  • EGS Residents Course Staff will sanitize them with UV light during the pauses between one session and the other
  • All equipment and materials in direct contact with the delegate are previously sanitized and disinfected, packed immediately afterwards;
  • the equipment and materials of direct and frequent contact with delegates will be cleaned using either UV light and sanitizing wipes.


  • Delegates can answer to Q&A directly on their device. They will pop up on the Comgress App.
  • Question to the speakers will be possible though the congress App or the virtual platform tool. The moderator will receive them and submit to the Speakers.

Slide Center

The space dedicated to the slide center will be equipped in order to allow physical distancing as current rules will state and it will include the following items:

  • Double mouse – one for the technician and one for the speaker
  • Sanitation of mouse after each use

4. Measures To Prevent Covid Specific For Exhibitors

  • In the exhibition area all the general hygienic-sanitary rules, already mentioned above, will be applied, including physical distancing and use of PPE, both for exhibiting companies’ staff, participants and visitors.
  • During set up and dismantling, personnel will have to wear PPE and they will have to apply social distancing.
  • Exhibitors will organize the set-up of the booth in order to allow distances with the adjacent exhibitors.
  • Access to the exhibition area and to single booths will be limited in order to avoid gatherings as well as the meeting areas will be set-up accordingly.
  • Promotional material and gadgets will be distributed only through the use of self-service tools.
  • F&B services are forbidden at the booth due to current rules for COVID.
  • The Exhibition area will always be surveilled by personnel during opening hours.

Please download here the Self-declaration COVID-19 form, please fill it in with all requested data, sign it in original and deliver it to the registration desk upon arrival at the course venue.